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Belle Fiore Winery is hosting it’s fourth annual BelleArte Limited Edition “Artist Series” Wine Label Competition.  Our Belle Arte label combines two complimentary cultural passions:  fine wine and fine art.  Belle Fiore Winery is committed to featuring the artwork of a new artist on the Artist Series label each year.

Info for 2017:

BelleArte Limited Edition “Artist Series” Label Competition.

Seeking all Southern Oregon artists (see item #3 in Terms and Conditions).

To create the original artwork for the current year’s annual BelleArte Limited Edition “Artist Series” wine label.

Use the medium of your choice to create an original piece of art that captures the essence of our BelleArte wine.  Entries should be original artwork and will be accepted through December 1st, 2017.  Entries may be submitted via e-mail to

Artwork Specs:
The size of the original artwork is not critical.  However, proportion is very important.  The BelleArte label is vertical and measures 3.8 inches wide by 4.25 inches tall.  Artwork should be approximately 36 inches tall by 24 inches wide or a proportion of 3:2 height to width.

The artwork can be in any medium including drawing, painting, photography, graphic arts and sculpture.  The entry should be an image only.  Please do not use words, letters or any writing other than your signature on the artwork.

JPEG, preferably 300 DPI, titled with your name and the name of your submission.

The competition is free to all Southern Oregon artists.

The competition will run annually.  Closing date for the 2017 competition is December 1st, 2017.

2014 BA Pinot Noir - Pic for Website - Medal WinnerPrize:
Belle Fiore will purchase the original artwork (up to $650).  The artist will be featured on the Belle Fiore Website and their artwork will be permanently displayed in the Belle Fiore Wine Pavilion Art Gallery.

The winery will identify up to 3 semi-finalists.  Images of the semi-finalist’s artwork will be made available on the Belle Fiore website, in the Belle Fiore tasting room, on Belle Fiore’s social media outlets, and/or on other printed material where visitors will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite.

Belle Fiore’s label designer will incorporate the winning image into each year’s label.  It may be necessary to crop/edit the image for label impact. By submitting your artwork, either via mail or e-mail, you agree to the terms and conditions on this page.

Enter in the Contest Today!

We look forward to creating a wonderful collection of Southern Oregon art through the years to come!